Types of Commercial Solar Panels and their structures

PET laminated solar panel front


PET (also known as Polyethylene terephalate) is a type of plastic which is commonly used for bottled water, takeaway containers and household products due to their material stability, wear resistant and non-toxic nature. It’s high transparency and good scratch resistant also makes it suitable as a protective layer above the solar cell. Solar cells used can be monocrystalline or polycrystalline.

This allows good sunlight absorption while keeping the solar panel lightweight (compared to glass laminated solar panels)

PET laminated solarpanel kmx xsection png


The PET laminated solar panel is made by placing layers of PET, EVA, solar cell and PCB together. They are then laminated by machine at a temperature of 135 degrees Celcius which will melt the encapsulating materials together to form a watertight bond.


  • High clarity
  • UV resistant
  • Humidity resistant
  • Good scratch resistant
  • Consistent textured surface
  • Attractive appearance
PET laminated solarpanel back

How the back of a PET laminated solar panel PCB look like.


It is widely used on small plug-n-play outdoor solar LED lights, folding solar chargers, solar backpacks and other solar gadgets. It is usually used for low voltage and low power applications.

LIFESPAN: 3 year +

PET laminated foldable solar charger laptop
PET laminated foldable solar charger