Types of Commercial Solar Panels and their structures


The common solar panel commercially available for industrial use has multiple layers sandwiched together. Clear protective EVA films are waterproof have clear clarity. They are placed above and below the solar cell. A low reflection, high clarity tempered glass cover is placed over the top for impact resistance. A backing combination called TPT (Tedlar-PET-Tedlar) gives support and gives the solar panel weather resistance.  An aluminum frame is further added for additional structural strength.

standard solarpanel kmx mono
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The solar cell is placed between EVA films with the glass on top and then the TPT backsheet below everything. A high speed vacuum extracts any air trapped inside the layers and also ensure a good press before they are laminated and cured in an industrial oven at a temperature of 110 – 150 degree Celcius. The finished product has high strength, protection from moisture and should last for a long time

standard solar panel


  • High strength
  • Impact resistant
  • Commercial grade
  • Long life span and durability
  • Attractive appearance


These are standard commercial solar panels used for anything from residential projects to large solar farms that power whole towns. They are suitable for stand-alone off-grid solar systems which have their own battery bank and also large grid-tied solar systems that is tied to the power grid to offset power usage.

LIFESPAN: 10 – 25+ years

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