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About Kamtex Solar

Kamtex Solar is a division of Kamtex Industries Pte Ltd dealing with solar energy business & projects. Since 1999, we have been dedicated to providing solar power related products to our customers, both local or overseas. We strive to provide reliable services to meet our customers’ requests, no matter how big or small are the projects. We are determined to build trust and long term beneficial relationships with our customers

About Kamtex Industries Pte Ltd

Kamtex Industries Pte Ltd is one of the small and medium enterprises (SME) based in Singapore since 1982, which started out in the eighties as a trading company. Due to our reliable services and the great relationships we have with our customers, our business expanded globally to include clients from Cyprus, Yemen, Sri Lanka, United States, Indonesia, Guyana, South Pacific Islands and other parts of the world.

Kamtex Industries is located at Tannery House, Tannery Lane, Singapore. Solar panels, solar systems - Kamtex Solar

In the nineties, the company started making inroads in the renewable energy sector. Kamtex Solar Division was created to deal with the increasing growth in the solar energy market while other trading services were retained under the Kamtex Trading Division.

Kamtex Solar is able to bank on the backbone company’s 25 years of vast experience and knowledge in the global business sector to provide reliable shipping, logistics and sales. The branching of the company’s interests in fact allows a dedicated team of professionals to be solely responsible for solar related enquiries and matters, bringinga new level of professionalism and service to all our customers.

All enquires are welcomed. Do not hesitate to contact us.