Custom bespoke industrial solar power systems to power remote instruments and equipment by Kamtexsolar


A pioneer in the industry

Are you facing challenges powering your equipment or instrumentation in places without power? For over 20 years, Kamtex have been customising our solar power systems to support our customers for various applications and for a multitude of scenarios. We provide complete solar power engineering solutions to solve your power supply issues.

Solar for all applications

Be it a small IOT smart sensor or a complete container office, our stand-alone solar power systems are designed for reliable power generation using solar panels and batteries for energy storage.

Clean power source

Stand-alone solar power systems are independent power sources which can be a great clean and green alternative to other forms of power generation.

Technology for the present and future

No fumes, no fuels and no frequent battery replacement trips. A reliable power solutions using forefront renewable energy technologies. An ideal option for the present and future.

Do you need a solar expert?

Contact us to discuss your project in details and see how we can assist you.