First Ever Youth Olympic Games 2010 starts in Singapore on 14 Auguest 2010

Kamtex Solar Singapore supports the Youth Olympic Games 2010

As the first ever Youth Olympic Games (YOG) commences its games in Singapore from 14th August 2010, it reminded us of our involvement in another historical sports event held in Singapore last year.

On 28 June 2009, the 1st Asian Youth Games (AYG) Singapore 2009 rolled off with the Torch Relay Lighting Ceremony powered by a unique rotating self-powered solar system. The flame igniting solar system for the AYG was jointly developed by the 5 polytechnics. It was a tremendous success and Kamtex Solar is proud to play a part in it.

Kamtex's solar torch relay system lights using Sharp solar panels

From the offical AYG 2009 website:

“27 June 2009 – Cutting-edge design and technology by youths from five polytechnics will be showcased at the 1st Asian Youth Games (AYG) Singapore 2009 Torch Relay which begins at the Kallang Waterfront on 28 June 2009.

The flame igniting system for the AYG was designed by Singapore Polytechnic and jointly developed by Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, and Republic Polytechnic.

With the Games’ objectives in mind, the team proposed the strategy of “Energised by the Sun, Powered by our Youth”, and this was, literally, captured in their creation.

One of the design elements involves harnessing solar energy as its main source of power. A rotating solar disc captures the Sun’s energy which is then stored.

At the torch podium, the flame will be kindled by a swivelling igniting device which taps on the electric power stored within the solar panel. To ensure that the flame podium has enough energy to light the torches, the solar charging panel will rotate hourly a day before the event to capture as much sunlight as possible.”

Challenge set by the Youths, powered by the Sun

The whole complete flame igniting solar system consists of the flame ignition, solar system. LED lightbox and the rotating platform. The flame ignition system was designed by Singapore Polytechnic which the rest of the system (solar system, LED lightbox and rotating platform) were largely the responsibility of Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Kamtex Solar was involved on the integration this unique device under a tight deadline.

The challenge was to integrate the solar panels onto a 180 degrees rotating platform. Every few hours, the disc will be rotated a few degrees by the sport delegates. It undergoes a full 180 degrees rotation every day for the duration of the AYG. The solar panels are to be integrated to the circular disc without affecting the final outlook while also maintaining its functionality when being rotated under different angles.

Kamtex solar assisted in the integration of the solar system with the LED lightbox and flame ignition system. it was a tremondous success.

Kamtex Solar Singapore wishes our young Olympians all the best in the 2010 Youth Olympic Games!

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First Ever Youth Olympic Games 2010 starts in Singapore on 14 Auguest 2010
First Ever Youth Olympic Games 2010 starts in Singapore on 14 Auguest 2010

Photo credits: AYG2009 & SP