Kamtexsolar solar system at construction site featured in the news

Kamtexsolar solar power system at Gammon Construction site- Kamtexsolar Singapore

Kamtexsolar’s solar power systems recently appeared on the news featuring companies that were awarded the Eco-Office Label for their environmental efforts. We are glad to be involved in Gammon Construction’s energy conservation efforts in the design and installation of solar power systems for their guardroom and workers resting quarters. Click link below for video.

More and more companies in Singapore are making a effort to go green. Not only do you saving the environment, you also save energy and money. Kamtexsolar was approached by Gammon Construction to construct solar power systems for their guardhouse and their workers resting quarters. Gammon Construction had various green initiates in place like motion sensor switches and recycling bins. For their efforts, they have been awarded Eco-Office Label by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) last Wednesday, 16th February 2011.

The solar systems designed by Kamtexsolar power AC fans, LED floodlights and LED light bulbs. The system were also designed to be portable so that it can be easily disassembled and assembled at a new construction site after a few years.

In general, stand-alone solar power systems are suitable for construction sites which require portability, do not have a regular power supply nearby or do not want to use noise, air polluting diesel generators. Solar power systems are usually used to powerLED floodlights, LED streetlights or small appliances. Smaller systems are suitable to power remote site monitoring measuring equipment like noise and vibration meters at construction sites too.

Do contact us if you are keen to explore ways to utilize solar power at your construction site.

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Kamtexsolar solar power system powering DC LED floodlight and LED lights at contruction site at night - Kamtexsolar Singapore
Kamtexsolar solar power system powering LED lights at construction site in guardroom - Kamtexsolar Singapore
Kamtexsolar solar power system running AC fan and LED lights at construction site in Singapore - Kamtexsolar Singapore


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