Kamtexsolar supplies solar power for tidal energy floating platform powering Raffles Lighthouse

Kamtexsolar tidal power floating platform solar

As reported on the 30th March 2023 by The Straits Times and other media outlets, our customer Bluenergy will be carrying out a trial supported by MPA to power parts of the Raffles Lighthouse using their proprietary tidal energy system. A floating platform mounted with tidal turbines will be anchored near Pulau Satumu for this. We are proud to be engaged to power the various equipment onboard the tidal floating platform with our solar solution.

Bluenergy tidal floating platform with Kamtexsolar solar power onboard (Photo: Bluenergy Solutions)

Bluenergy required a reliable offshore independent and renewable power source to power the lights, marine beacons and security cameras onboard the platform. As the location will not be easily accessed, the system  needs to regularly send back footage of the floating platform remotely for monitoring, The marine beacons are a safety feature to warn passing ships of the presence of the floating platform. These are critical equipment that need to run reliably on its own. Kamtexsolar designed a solar power system for the floating platform to meet those challenges.

Kamtexsolar solar power system for tidal energy in military storage box
Kamtexsolar solar power system for tidal energy in rustproof box

Kamtexosolar solar panels were mounted on top of the shipping container box with custom fabricated brackets and professional aluminium PV mounting structures. Morningstar MPPT solar charge controllers were used due to their reliability. Maintenance-free solar batteries were wired in series with heavy gauge flexible battery cables. There was also built-in DC safety protection for the customer’s loads. All these were housed in a weather resistant and rustproof green military grade heavy duty PE enclosure. A standby AC inverter was also installed for the occasional use of AC power tools if needed.

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