Hybrid solar system for Lend Lease construction site in Singapore


Probably the largest solar hybrid system for a construction site in Singapore, the 3-phase 6.48kW hybrid solar system by Kamtexsolar, allows Lend Lease to power lights in their site office by solar and generator.

Once again, showcasing Lend Lease’s commitment to green and sustainable site offices. Furthermore, the solar array at the Jurong Gateway JEM construction site is a visual treat for Jurong East MRT passengers.

Case Study: AC Hybrid Solar System for Construction Site

In June 2011, Kamtex was engaged by Lend Lease Singapore and Nylect Engineering to propose a stand-alone solar system to power hoarding lights at their contruction site for their new office-cum-shopping complex in Jurong Gateway. The system must also be able to tap onto grid power once it is up and ready. In the meantime, the solar system has to work with the existing generators to ensure that the generators kick in once the limited battery bank capacity drops too low.

Single phase AC Solar system

Work on the solar hybrid system on-site started in late July 2011. The 2.16kW system consist of 180W Kamtexsolar panels, SMA Sunny Island off-grid inverters, SMA Sunny Boy grid inverters and maintenance-free lead acid batteries. A SMA Webbox was also connected to collect centralised performance data. The SMA Matrix Display shows the system output and various data on its large LED display for visitors. The system produces pure sine wave single-phase AC 230V 50hz output to power some hoarding lights and the guard room’s aircon, lightings and other AC loads.

Three phase AC solar system upgrade

Hybrid solar system at jurong gateway singapore for lend lease construction site by Kamtexsolar
Hybrid solar system at jurong gateway singapore for lend lease construction site by Kamtexsolar using sunny island and sunny box inverters

Kamtex was engaged again in early 2012 to upgrade the system to power specific sections of the level 2 and 3 flourescent lights for their newly constructed site office. The result was a upgraded 3-phase solar hybrid 6.48kW system. With future expansion in mind, it was fairly smooth upgrading the 2.16kW system to 6.48kW with our modular approach using 180W Kamtexsolar panels. The SMA Sunny Boy inverters were connected to the SMA Sunny Island off-grid inverters to create a 3-phase AC output. The system was also connected to the existing 3-phase generators on-site for backup.

Clean and sustainable power for construction sites and green site offices

Do contact us if you have any requirements for solar power systems at the construction site. We can design stand-alone solar power systems to power guardrooms, site office, worker resting quarters and other AC & DC equipments at contruction sites.

Our products like solar pathlights, solar streetlights and solar floodlights are also perfect for remote locations with no grid power and rely on common polluting diesel generators. The overall annual operating cost of solar is lower than running diesel generators. Furthermore, there are no moving parts and no major maintance needed. A truly green and sustainable source of power for construction sites!