Mini solar Panels

These Kamtexsolar mini solar panels are great for small science experiments or DIY projects. Each solar panel has a PCB backing and comes encapsulated with a PET or epoxy clear top layer for good sunlight penetration. The mini solar panels can be soldered with lead wires too. Available in various power, voltage, current ratings and dimensions. Contact us if you have any unique requirements that need customisation.

KMX 2.5W 6V mini solar panel kamtexsolar


Max Power: 2.5W

Max voltage: 3V

Max current: 800mA

Dimensions: 175*110mm

Mini Solar Panels


Max Power: 2.5W

Max voltage: 6V

Max current: 417mA

Dimensions: 170*85mm

KMX 1.2W mini solar panel kamtexsolar


Max Power: 1.2W

Max voltage: comes in 2V, 4V, 6V models

Max current: 600, 300, 200mA

Dimensions: 110*94mm