Solar Lightings

Kamtex Solar produces various stand-alone solar lights including solar street lights, floodlights, path lights and garden lights. We also provide custom solar light designs based on your exact lighting power and running hours requirements.

High power LED Streetlights for AC  and solar power by Kamtex Solar

LED Street Lights produce pure and vivid light over stretch of roads. They are perfect replacements for HPS sodium lamps that have low efficiency, short working life, slow startup and poor colour rendering. Suitable for various commercial and industrial applications.

dc led floodlight kmx

LED Floodlights produce pure and vivid light over a large area. With its low energy consumption and high efficiency, it is suitable for various commercial and industrial applications.

LED bulb kmx

A LED bulb uses energy efficient LEDs that has high light output, low power consumption ,long lifespan and is environmentally friendly. Kamtex Solar carrys a variety of AC and DC LED light bulbs for solar power or household use.

Solar Decorative point lights suitable for floor pathment  by Kamtex Solar singapore

Our solar ground light is a versatile and compact L.E.D illuminated device. It is so compact and affordable that it can be installed practically anywhere!

Industrial strength ensures maximum durability

cfl energy saving bulbs for solar systems are more efficientCompact Fluorescent Lamps or energy saving bulbs are designed to save space, but with the advantages of a fluorescent lamp. Compared to incandescent lamps of the same luminous flux, CFLs have a longer rated life and use less energy.

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