Solar Power System installed in Tonga


Our customer from Tonga has successfully installed the Kamtex Solar solar power system we designed for him.

Tonga map where Kamtex Solar AC power system was installed - Kamtex Solar Singapore

We were delighted to receive the photos and e-mails he sent to us from his laptop powered by the solar power system that he just installed!

Just got internet service today, fed by your solar system.

About Tonga

Tonga is a group of beautiful remote islands off the Eastern coast of Australia. It has an abundance of white sandy beaches and protected coral reefs but only 45 of the 171 islands are inhabited. It’s local economy is agriculture-based and almost everything has to be imported. With no AC grid infrastructure in place, it is near impossible to run equipments without your own reliable power source.

Solar system installed in Tonga Kamtex Solar Singapore
Solar AC power system for lights and pumps in Tonga - Kamtex Solar Singapore

Solar Power System for Tonga

Kamtex Solar designed a 560W AC Solar Power System consisting of Kamtex Solar solar panels, Phocos charge controllers, solar batteries and a Pure Sine Wave AC Inverter to ensure that the system will run anything that is thrown to it.

The complete system was pre-assembled with all necessary wirings and safety protection. Like all our products, it was designed to be reliable, safe and user-friendly. With everything pre-configured and assembled, it was as easy as plug-and-play.

“…my installer, who is now wiring up my house to have lights and water pump, is calling up his friends excited about your¬†system – Best wishes”.

Kamtex Solar Singapore is able to provide customised solar power systems to power your various DC and AC equipments. We has designed solar power systems for our customers from far away remote islands like Tonga, Fiji, Mauritius and Vanuatu. Docontact us for discussions on how we can assist you to select the right solar power system for your application in remote locations.

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