CFL Light Bulbs

cfl energy saving bulbs for solar systems are more efficient

Compact Fluorescent Lamps or energy saving bulbs are designed to save space, but with the advantages of a fluorescent lamp. Compared to incandescent lamps of the same luminous flux, CFLs have a longer rated life and use less energy.

DC CFL Light Bulbs

Item# CFL Series

DC CFL Light Bulbs for solar - Kamtex Solar

CFLs can directly replace an existing incandescent lamp. CFLs use less than one-quarter of the power of an equivalent incandescent lamp.

DC input allows more efficient usage of the DC power generated by solar panels with no efficiency losses associated with DC/AC inverters.

    • DC Input
    • Available for CFL (12V) -5W, 7W, 11W, 13W, 15W, 20W, 25W
DC CFL Light Bulbs

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