Solar Products

We are a manufacturer and solar components distributor that supplies a network of retailers, installers, and large customers. We have the service expertise, inventory, and shipping capacity to supply your component needs. Choose from our solar product range below.

Complete Solar Systems

Complete solar power systems are fully wired and assembled solar power supplies ready to power up your AC and DC equipment using energy from the sun. These are stand-alone, independent industrial grade power supplies that are purpose-built.

Solar Panels

Solar panels convert sunlight directly to electricity. Quality solar panels are very important for any solar project. As the very essential items of every solar power & electric system, we offer a variety of choices to choose from.

Solar Charge Controller

Solar charge controllers are at the heart of every solar power system. They regulate the charging of batteries, prevent damage to components and extends the life of solar systems.

Solar Lightings

Kamtex Solar produces various stand-alone solar lights including solar batten lights, solar street lights, solar floodlights, path lights and garden lights. We also provide custom solar light designs based on your exact lighting power and running hours requirements.

Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries are maintenance-free batteries designed for continuous solar usage and cyclic charging.

Solar Inverters

Stand-alone AC inverters convert the DC from batteries to the standard household AC voltage to allow connection of more commonly available AC equipment.

Solar Cables & Connectors

We stock 100% compatible MC4 and genuine MC4 solar connectors, solar cables and branch connectors for durable waterproof outdoor solar array installation. Solar cables come in various lengths.

Solar Educational Kits

Kamtex Solar offers a large selection of solar electronic kits like educational solar panels, educational solar kits, solar powered cars for Singapore and our customers worldwide.

Solar Fountain & Pumps

We carry a various types of solar fountain pumps and a large selection of complete fountain kits. Great for small pond features. Uses for solar fountain pumps range from residential landscaping, commercial landscaping designs, farming and agriculture.

Solar Accessories

Kamtex Solar stocks essential solar components that are vital for solar power system installations. Browser our collection of DC digital timer switches, safety protection devices and other components.

Solar Mounting

Solar mounting provides a system of mounting solar panels using modular components. This reduces installation time and increases efficiency. We have a complete range of solar mounting structures suitable for almost all roof types.