Past Projects

Throughout the years, Kamtex Solar has extended our client base to include both local and overseas customers, MNCs and educational institutes. While not comprehensive, here are some sample past projects undertaken by Kamtex Solar.

Case Study: Boats and Solar

Solar Hippo boat in Singapore River by Sharp Kamtexsolar
Solar Hippo boat in Singapore River by Sharp Kamtexsolar
Solar Hippo boat in Singapore River by Sharp Kamtexsolar

Boats are normally powered by engines that run on diesel or petrol. However, this can pollute the very water it is on. Boats can cause water pollution by leaking gas and oil into the water. In fact, in some parts of the world, diesel and petrol engine boats are banned in lakes and rivers. Electric boats become the only alternative available. In fact, electric boats are becoming commonplace in Britain’s inland waters.

In Singapore, the government has planned to dam the Singapore River at its outlet to the sea to create a new reservoir of freshwater. As part of the ongoing plan to prevent the pollution of this water source, the government has banned petrol and diesel engine boats in Singapore River.

For our latest project, Kamtex Solar has designed a solar power system for the new Duck Tours electric boats tranversing the Singapore River. The solar power system was designed to power the onboard lightings, power amplifier, loudspeaker system and other DC loads.

The Duck Tour boats are amphibious tour boats on Singapore River. DUCKtours uniquely combines the city and harbour tour on an authentic Vietnam warcraft.

The solar power system includes our SHARP solar panels, charge controllers, batteries and solar cables.

Case Study: Vibration Instruments and Solar

Vibration instruments are used for measuring, displaying and analyzing vibration. Typically these instruments comprise a transducer, data acquisition and either a local display or some sort of output to a computer or another instrument. Vibration instruments can have many features, including incorporating features such as totalizing, local or remote display and data recording. They may be stationary or else portable field-type instruments.
Some of these instruments can even accept wireless data transmissions.

Normally, these field instruments run on lead-acid rechargeable batteries which require frequent field trips for power replacements once the batteries run out of power. Solar panels were used to eliminate the need for such troublesome trips.

A solar power system consisting of a solar panel, a deep cycle rechargeable solar battery and a charge controller is able to allow the instruments to run on power generated from sunlight. A sufficient battery backup capacity will give a few days of of power in case of bad weather where sunlight is not present.

Often, these instruments record data for a few hours only and not for the whole day. A timer can be added to switch on/off the instruments at preset intervals, saving precious battery power.

Stand alone solar system for on site vibration and noise meters

Solar Power for Contruction Sites

Check out our latest case study on running a hybrid solar system for a construction site office.

Other projects

Solar Lighting

(Singapore) Solar powered banner lighting system north of Singapore

KMX Solar LED Floodlight System illuminating outdoor banners for town council, Singapore

jurong port solar floodlight

KMX Solar CFL Floodlight at Jurong Port, Singapore

(Indonesia) Stand alone solar fence lighting systems for Batam industrial park

KMX Solar CFL Lighting System powering fencing wall lights for Industrial Park in Batam, Indonesia

Solar Water Features

Past Projects

Solar water fountain for primary school – Singapore

solar water fountain woodlands Singapore Si Ling Primary

Solar direct water fountain for primary school in Woodlands SIngapore

solar-stainless-steel-water-wheel elias primary school

Solar stainless waterwheel for primary school in Singapore, Hougang

Special Projects

Kamtex's solar torch relay system lights using Sharp solar panels

Kamtex Solar System powering Asian Youth Games opening ceremony lightbox display

(Singapore) Asian Youth Games 2009 Solar powered torch relay system with lightbox - Kamtex Solar

Kamtex Solar System powering Asian Youth Games opening ceremony display


Solar smart bench with lights, phone charging and bluetooth speaker at Singapore, Marina Bay

solar power manhole water monitoring by kamtexsolar custom project

Solar Smart Manhole cover for water pressure monitoring

Commercial solar solutions by kamtexsolar singapore

Solar wireless taxi hailing signage

Solar powered golf buggy cart

Solar golf buggy for country club – Singapore

Solar Marine Projects

Past Projects

Solar powered marine research instrument vessel for polytechnic, Singapore

Solar Hippo boat in Singapore River by Sharp Kamtexsolar

Solar electric boat for tourists in Singapore River


Solar system for yacht in Singapore, Keppel Marina

Solar Educational Projects

(Singapore) Solar Demostration educational system for school in Punggol

Solar stand-alone demo system for school study corner

(Singapore) Solar Demostration educational system for school in Punggol

Solar stand-alone demo system for school study corner

(Singapore) Solar Demostration educational system for school in Punggol

Solar demo system powering clock, light and fan.

Past Projects

Solar educational posters


Solar interactive science corner with human bike generator

solar-blower-demo-system-singapore educational demo system

Solar students’ hands-on demo setup

Solar Industrial Projects

Industrial solutions and government projects by Kamtexsolar

Solar powering sea water monitoring equipment, Marina South Singapore

Solar installation at marina south pier past projects

Solar power system for BLE bluetooth positioning system ( Breakwaters Singapore pier)

Past Projects

Solar powered 20ft container for monitoring equipment and laptops


Solar powering oil and gas operations in Cambodia

Past Projects

C1D2 Solar power system for oil and gas field in Pakistan

Past Projects

Solar power system on skid for offshore jacket in Taiwan