DC Timer Switches for Solar

These hard-to-find timers run on direct current. Perfect tor stand alone solar applications. These DC timers allow users to effectively control devces, lights and other equipments power on/off timings. Can be used for solar and non solar related direct current applications.

DC Analog & Digital Timer Switch

Item# TM1A & TM1D

DC Analong & Digital Timer Switches - Kamtex Solar

Analog model (uses a mehanical dial)

  • Allow 24hr 15-min interval adjustments.

Digital model

  • Mono LCD display
  • Allows advanced weekly (M/T/W/T/F/S/S) , daily and hourly internal adjustments.
  • Allows saving up to 20 ON/OFF presets per day, 140 ON/OFF presets per week.

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