LED Streetlights

LED streetlight in AC powering road in China using high power LED - Kamtex Solar

LED Street Lights produce pure and vivid light over stretch of roads. They are perfect replacements for HPS sodium lamps that have low efficiency, short working life, slow startup and poor colour rendering. Suitable for various commercial and industrial applications.

Our LED street Lights are outdoor rated and have specially designed heatsinks to ensure the LED’s long life and effective heat dissipation throughout its operation.

LED Street Lights

Item# KMX-SL Series

LED Street Lights
LED Streetlight using high power LED for AC and solar power by Kamtex Solar

Our LED Street Lights uses the latest high power multichip LED modules as their light source. Not only are they superior to other light sources, they offer a uniform light distribution using our uniquely designed reflectors.While other LED floodlights only offer 80 lumens per watt, our LED streetlights can achieve 100 lumens per watt.. This means greater efficiency and more cost savings.

LED streetlight project for Beijing Olympics using high power LED and AC - Kamtex Solar
LED streetlight in AC powering road in China using high power LED - Kamtex Solar

Superior Design

Quick startup, visually vivid colours, compact structure are all features of our LED streetlights. Not ony does it offer a beautiful and stylish appearance, it also offers excellent heat and humidity resistance and good airproof performance.

Excellent Heat Control

Our LED streetlights features high purity aluminum for its reflector, housing and heat sink for excellent thermal transfer properties. Using an innovative design to integrate the heatsink and the housing, the LED module takes advantage of cross ventilation for better heat dissipation using a propriety method. The cover is also made of high strength tempered glass for maximum safety…

Instant Performance and Safety

With no adverse glare or flicker, our LED streetlights eliminate vision factigue and distraction when compared to traditional lights, thus providing a safer lighting solution to drivers. And unlike traditional streetlights that require time to achieve full power, the LED streetlight is to achieve full power instantly when on. Lastly, LED streetlights are environmentally friendly. LEDs do not contain harmful lead , mercury, argon, xenon or krypton gases. Nor do they emit infrared or ultraviolent radiation.

Various Options

Our LED Streetlights come in 15W up to 30W power ratings. LED light colours range from warm white to cool white (2700K – 7000K) Our LED Streetlights can be powered by both AC and DC. The 10W to 20W range are DC 12V powered and perfect for combination with any solar project. The 30W LED floodlight range is powered by AC 230V. If you have any specific lighting power requirements, please contact us to discuss details.


  • High efficiency high brightness LED modules
  • Tempered glass provides excellent clarity and protection against the weather
  • Energy saving and green LED power source
  • Built-in IC driver for reliable long operation
  • Shock and vibration resistant, waterproof IP65 design
  • Reflector with imported German technology for ideal light distribution
  • Perfect combination with solar energy

Suitable For

  • Factories
  • Roads / Expressways
  • Pathways
  • Packing Lots
  • Parks / Open areas
  • Pavements
  • Security lights
  • Perimeter fences
  • Jetties / Docks
  • Common areas
  • Schools
  • City streets

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