Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions For Government And Industrial Users

If you operate a rural or remote facility off the grid – or any location without ready access to conventional power sources – solar power is often the most reliable source of power. Under such conditions, system reliability and timely tech support are of paramount importance.

Find out how we can provides solutions like few others can.

Industrial solutions and government projects by Kamtexsolar

OEM Solar Solutions

To boost revenue, it is important to be innovative to ride the tide in a global economic crisis. Harnessing solar energy for your products adds value to it. Add value to your core offering.

Find out how we can help develop solar-related products for your market.

OEM solar solutions by Kamtexsolar singapore

Solar Solutions For Solar Installers And Dealers

Our warehouse is well stocked with critical components and other solar components to meet your urgent requirements for a successful solar project installation.


Solar Solutions For Schools And Institutes

Kamtex Solar offers a variety of products and services to schools and educational institutes. From solar educational kits for hands-on learning to special custom projects, we can assist you

solar solutions for schools by Kamtexsolar

Solar Solutions For Commercial Customers

We offer our industrial and commercial customers a variety of products and services at competitve prices. From solar panels, solar controllers to complete solar systems for remote areas, we are here to help.

Commercial solar solutions by kamtexsolar singapore

Commercial PV Solar Solutions

We provide design, installation and commissioning of solar PV systems systems for commercial use. Please check out our Custom Design /Solutions section for more infomation. To see some of the projects we had undertaken, please visit the past projects gallery. Or if you already have a project in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us. Local and overseas enquiries are welcome.

Commercial integrated solar lights for carpark by Kamtexsolar singapore

Solar Solutions For Rural Development

Solar electricity is an active tool in a rural area development programme. The local economy is not encumbered by the need for expensive, imported fuels. See how we can provide solar solutions that uses free energy from the sun.

Residential Solar Solutions

No longer involved in residential projects, Kamtexsolar instead offers components, parts and solar kits for your very own do-it-yourself (DIY) solar projects at home.