Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar panels convert sunlight directly to electricity. Solar panels are also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels. Quality solar panels are very important for any solar project. These are the very essential items of every solar power & electric system. We offer a variety of choices to choose from. No project is too small for us.

We carry the following brands:

SHARP logo, Sharp solar panels in Singapore - Kamtex Solar            Kamtex Solar solar panels offer unparallel value-for-money

Kamtex Solar Solar Panels

Item# KMX Series

Kamtex Solar solar panels offer unparallel value-for-money


Kamtex Solar Singapore offers our house brand range of solar panels to meet your solar needs. Kamtex Solar solar panels deliver top-quality performance and value-for-money for all photovoltaic applications including rural electrification, water pumping, telemetry, communications, and general battery charging. Ideal for AC and DC installations, our solar panels can be used in single-module and multiple-module systems. Each module consists of 36 solar cells connected in series providing maximum charging power. We constantly keep stock in our Singapore warehouse to meet your immediate requirements. Contact us for wholesale enquiries.


The glass surface is impact resistant and allows maximum light transmission. Single crystalline solar cells are encapsulated and bonded to the glass in multiple layers of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and laminated with a white Tedlar. Backing insuring long life in severe environmental conditions. Anodized aluminum tubular frames add strength and durability to the modules. Includes pre-drilled mounting holes. The weather resistant junction box accommodates all wiring methods. Kamtex Solar modules are manufactured to comply with international standards, and are factory tested to verify superior performance. Kamtex Solar solar panels carry a 20-year, 80% power output warranty.

We stock solar panels from 0.5W to 100W in Singapore. Common sizes that we have at hand include 4W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 45W, 55W, 78W, 80W, 100W. For your other solar power requirements, please contact us. Other sizes can be arranged.

Mini solar panels for your small educational / DIY solar projects also available.

*We also provide custom-designed solar panels according to your specific requirements. Contact us to discuss customisation services.


Sharp Solar Panels

Sharp solar logo


For large capacity and project requirements, we recommend SHARP solar panels. We are a distributor of SHARP solar panels in Singapore. SHARP is one of the top solar panel manufacturers in Japan. Quality assured.

What you get:

  • 20 years warranty.
  • Unprecedented quality and reliability from a top brand.

Sharp is well known for its quality electronics – and solar panels. Sharp have been manufacturing solar panels for over 45 years. Manufactured in Japan from from the highest grade components, these panels are some of the best around. We are the officialdistributor of Sharp solar panels in Singapore. Please contact us for wholesale enquires.

SHARP NE-80E2EA 80W Solar Panel

Solar Panels

Sharp’s 80W solar panel offer industry-leading performance, durability, and reliability for a variety of electrical power requirements. Using breakthrough technology perfected by Sharp’s nearly 45 years of research and development, these modules use a textured cell surface to reduce reflection of sunlight, and structure to improve conversion efficiency. An anti-reflective coating provides a uniform blue color and increases the absorption of light in all weather conditions. Common applications include RVs, cabins, solar power stations, pumps, beacons, and lighting equipment. Designed to withstand rigorous weather conditions, a junction box is also provided for easy electrical connections in the field, making Sharp’s NE-80E2EA modules the perfect combination of advanced technology and reliability.


  • High-power solar module (80W) using 156mm square polycrystalline silicon solar cells
  • Bypass diodes minimize the power drop caused by shade
  • Sharp’s advanced surface texturing process increases light absorption and efficiency while providing a more subdued,“natural” look
  • White tempered glass, EVA resin, and a weatherproof film, plus aluminum frame for extended outdoor use
  • DC12V system
  • Lead wire with waterproof connectors
  • Sharp solar panels are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities
  • 25-year limited warranty on power output

SHARP ND-T060M1 60W Solar Panel

The Sharp 60W solar panel is the latest entry to the Sharp solar panel family. It is the smallest size available for Sharp solar panels. The small size makes it suitable for stand-alone off-grid solar power systems or can be combined for use in bigger off-grid or grid-connect systems. You get the same unsurpassed quality from Sharp but at a more manageable size.

Features of the new Sharp 60W solar panel include Back Contact Field (BSF) for better cell connections and efficiency, a new reinforced silver anodised aluminum frame design only found in bigger >170W panels and 3m long length of solar outdoor rated lead wires.

Other Sizes

    • Sharp ND-120T1 120W Solar Panel
    • Sharp NT-R5E3E 175W Solar Panel


Please contact us for more info & quotations.

Sharp is a trusted brand in solar electricity distributed by Kamtex Solar Singapore

Why Sharp?

Sharp Solar produces both single and multi-crystalline silicon solar cells and for some years has been the world’s leading manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) modules. Sharp’s solar cells are used for many applications, from satellites to lighthouses, and industrial applications to residential use. Sharp began researching solar cells in 1959 with mass production first beginning in 1963. Production capacity amounted to 324 MW in 2004

Sharp: A trusted name in Solar Electricity

From satellites, telecommunications, water pumps, remote houses and safety signals, to grid-tied homes, businesses and large solar farms, Sharp has manufactured a variety of products that harvest abundant, inexhaustible solar energy – all to deliver electricity. Forty-five years and countless innovations later, Sharp has become a global leader in solar, providing the systems to power more homes and businesses than any other solar manufacturer in the world

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Are you looking for complete solar systems instead of just solar panels? Check out our standard solar systems or customised solar solutions.