Web Policy

1. All our goods/services will serve their intended functions.
Terms of Warranty
2. All warranty conditions are stated in the product/services information provided, unless the manufacturer has provided none.

3. All our prices and item descriptions are subjected to change. Prices are subjected to 5% GST unless otherwise stated.

Delivery services
4. Delivery is within Singapore main island. Deliveries outside of Singapore will be charged according to the prevailing shipment rates.

Payment Processing
5. We accept various commercial payment methods.

6. We ensure accuracy in our billing as all our transactions are automatically processed.

Cancellation of Orders
7. We will refund the amount paid if the order is cancelled due to the unavailability of goods or our inability to deliver the goods within the agreed time frame.

8. We will not entertain any cancellations once the order is confirmed and submitted by the customer.

Confirmation of Orders
9. We will telephone or send an electronic acknowledgement to the customer within 1 week upon successful submission of order. If items ordered are unavailable, a message will be sent to the customer for further action.

Exchange & Refunds
10. All our goods sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

11. We welcome your feedback. Should you feel dissatisfied with any of our goods or services, please contact us at Tel: (65) 67445307, Fax: (65) 6744 5306, Email: kamtex@kamtexindustries.com

Alternatively, customers may refer their complaints to the BusinessTrust Secretariat if they are not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint. Complaints can be referred to

BusinessTrust Secretariat
Mr. Ramesh Vakkiprath
35, Selegie Road, #09-25, Parklane,
Singapore 188307
Email: ramesh@cnsg.com.sg