Portable Power for Cyclone Nargis Myanmar Aid

Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar - Solar offers portable electricity - Kamtexsolar

Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar on 2 May 2008, leaving at least 31,938 dead and 29,770 people missing. Many survivors said they had still not received aid from the government 10 days after the disaster. There is an urgent need to supply survivors with food, shelter and electricity.

Cut off from the power grid, many areas are covered in darkness, making humanitarian aid difficult and hazardous. Without electricity, there is no lighting available and no power for medical equipments and tools, A self-sustainable portable power source can solve this problem. For relief organisations and volunteer groups, SHARP Solar Small Home System may be the perfect answer to their prayers.

  • Basic working principle: Solar panel converts sunlight into electricity which is transferred to the battery for storage. This provides electricty supply for usage during both day and night. The controller unit converts the DC power into usable AC power to power normal appliances & equipment.
  • Portable power source
  • Sustainable power as long as there is sunlight
  • Weatherproof durable SHARP solar panels – withstands rain, wind and harsh conditions.
  • Electricity storage using rechargeable maintenance free batteries.
  • SHARP Controller unit with multiple sockets for connectors
  • Easy to install – with instructions and manual
  • SHARP proven quality

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