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Kamtexsolar supplies solar power for tidal energy floating platform powering Raffles Lighthouse

Kamtexsolar tidal power floating platform solar

As reported on the 30th March 2023 by The Straits Times and other media outlets, our customer Bluenergy will be carrying out a trial supported by MPA to power parts of the Raffles Lighthouse using their proprietary tidal energy system. A floating platform mounted with tidal turbines will be anchored near Pulau Satumu for this. We are […]

Custom bespoke industrial solar power systems to power remote instruments and equipment by Kamtexsolar


A pioneer in the industry Are you facing challenges powering your equipment or instrumentation in places without power? For over 20 years, Kamtex have been customising our solar power systems to support our customers for various applications and for a multitude of scenarios. We provide complete solar power engineering solutions to solve your power supply […]

Solar Water Heaters warehouse clearance sale

consol solar water heater sale kmx

We are clearing our stock of residential vacuum type solar water heaters. These units are perfect for private landed properties, remote offices and hostels. Suitable for local usage or for export too. We have models suitable for sloped roof and flat roof installations. Do note that you will need a professional plumber to do the […]

Hybrid solar system for Lend Lease construction site in Singapore


Probably the largest solar hybrid system for a construction site in Singapore, the 3-phase 6.48kW hybrid solar system by Kamtexsolar, allows Lend Lease to power lights in their site office by solar and generator. Once again, showcasing Lend Lease’s commitment to green and sustainable site offices. Furthermore, the solar array at the Jurong Gateway JEM […]

Solar Power System installed in Tonga


Our customer from Tonga has successfully installed the Kamtex Solar solar power system we designed for him. We were delighted to receive the photos and e-mails he sent to us from his laptop powered by the solar power system that he just installed! Just got internet service today, fed by your solar system. About Tonga […]

Solar PV Mounting Now Available in Singapore

Solar Panel PV Mounting available now in Singapore from Kamtexsolar - Kamtexsolar Singapore

Kamtexsolar is pleased to announce the addition of solar panel mounting systems to our array of product offerings. Caters to various roof types. Using quality aluminium and stainless steel, our solar mounting system is economical, practical and reliable. The flexibility of the system also means it can cater to almost all roof types including tiles roofs, flat […]

Kamtexsolar solar panel featured in Mens’ Health April 2011

Kamtexsolar KMX-55M 55W Solar panel featured in Men's Health Singapore- Kamtexsolar Singapore

Our Kamtexsolar KMX-50M monocrystalline solar panel is listed in Mens’ Health Singapore (April 2011) as one of cool and clean gadgets that will help reduce your carbon footprint. Our Kamtexsolar solar panels are rugged to stand to the test of time in the outdoors under rain, sun, wind or snow. These solar panels are perfect for […]

Kamtexsolar solar system at construction site featured in the news

Kamtexsolar solar power system at Gammon Construction site- Kamtexsolar Singapore

Kamtexsolar’s solar power systems recently appeared on the news featuring companies that were awarded the Eco-Office Label for their environmental efforts. We are glad to be involved in Gammon Construction’s energy conservation efforts in the design and installation of solar power systems for their guardroom and workers resting quarters. Click link below for video. Click […]